About About Acasta Capital is a boutique merchant bank and advisory firm formed to bring together individuals with unique experiences and track records to create greater value for clients and partners based on inventive and do-able ideas. Being free of the conflicts and limitations too common in the advisory sector, our business model is founded on the principle of aligned interests with clients and partners. We provide advice on transformational change, mergers and acquisitions, financial restructurings, capital structure, investor activism and strategy.

CEOs and Boards of Directors face ever more complex environments requiring them to make often difficult strategic decisions. These decisions can run the gamut from whether to grow or contract, merge and acquire or divest, how to choose between multiple strategic options or possibilities, where to find untapped value and how to harness it, including restructuring of the existing business.

Unlike most investment banking advisory firms, Acasta recognizes the integration between commercial and political factors in 21st century business, and has purposefully adopted a holistic approach to its advice. That is why we maintain a robust in-house political risk assessment, government relations and communications capacity.

The difference lies in independence of thought and access to professional lifetimes of experience in finding customized creative solutions to complex challenges.

Acasta has set out to find the best strategic minds available, with real-life experience in some of the largest and most challenging corporate situations and transactions, to be able to deliver value with confidence.